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Very pleased to welcome the lovely Susan Tepper back to the blog – she's a long time friend and a great writer – and here she is, to talk about her latest book....

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"The water feels crisp and delicious and I float with the sun in my eyes. Now when I get home I will be different."

These few lines from Susan Tepper's new book, Monte Carlo Days & Nights is an apt description of what you can expect to feel like as a reader once you have finished being immersed in its warm and sensuous pages. 

I'm happy to report it is another work of art from this very fine writer, Susan Tepper. It's all about desire. "I don't feel nervous during sex with him. Only during normal" or "It would never occur to me that calling a peach a fresh peach could make a man happy. 

It's also about navigating location, feelings, expectations and being present in the unfolding story of amore. "Sex before sleep.. Sex before dinner then sex before sleep." 

Finding the unexpected expected, and the expected, unexpected. "What do you think? He says touching my arm across the table." Or "..we sleep close together towards the middle. He turns the room thermostat down to low and we snuggle under the puffy down comforter."

And getting out with your real self still in tow somehow. It takes a writer of Tepper's assuredness to pull it all off. All of which adds to the depth of the story running softly before your eyes.There's plenty of that here. "I start to love him so hard. So hard it makes my heart bang." 

Along with a willingness to stop and smell the joy, the exhilaration in the moments of consent and release. But the story must go on. "Being here with him is fabulous and terrible at once." I don't want to spoil anything for you and, trust me, Tepper sees it through beautifully to the end. There is humor and pathos aplenty. The only disappointment, like many of Susan's books, is that it is over way too soon. "Which is stronger? I'm wondering, his sex drive or the aftermath--when he's at his most tender." One can't ask for much more than this from an acute writer of the heart these days. Highly recommended.

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